How long do your juices keep?

Although our juices are completely raw, they can be kept refrigerated for several weeks after production thanks to the innovative high-pressure processing (HPP) method. You can find the exact individual best before date printed on each bottle by laser.

How should I store my juices?

You should keep our cold-pressed juices in the fridge. So you can enjoy them within a few weeks.

How is the juice delivered?

We ship our juice packages Monday through Thursday. You can choose your delivery day individually between Tuesday and Friday. They are delivered chilled throughout with sustainable packaging material.

How many calories are in your juices?

On the product page of the respective juice you will find a precise overview of the ingredients and nutritional values.

I am gluten and lactose intolerant, can I drink your juices?

All juices are gluten and lactose free. They are completely vegan and consist exclusively of organic fruit and vegetables.

What can I do if I have an intolerance or don't like a juice?

If you do not tolerate a juice or you do not like certain types of fruit or vegetables, you can put together an individual juice package here.

What do I do with the bottles of juices?

The juice bottles at DALUMA are made of bio-compostable polymer. The best way to dispose of them is with regular household waste, where they will completely deteriorate over time. Composting facilities in organic waste are designed for a composting period of six months and are then emptied. Above all, the lid of our bottle has not completely decomposed by then, so that composting in the composting waste is not recommended. Composting depends on several factors such as moisture PH and bacteria. In ideal conditions, our bottle decomposes within about a year. For example, on a compost site, this takes longer due to cold, moisture, fewer bacteria, etc., until the bottles completely decompose.


What does "CLEAN SKINCARE" mean?

"Clean" means "free from".

Our skincare products are free of silicones, parabens, paraffin (mineral oil) and have a long-term effect in your deep skin layers.

Can I use DALUMA care products if I have sensitive skin?

DALUMA only uses natural ingredients with a high level of tolerance, which is why they are also suitable for sensitive skin. We do without superfluous and aggressive ingredients that can cause inflammation and skin irritation. Nevertheless, our skin is very different and some react negatively to the most natural and well-tolerated ingredients. If you have concerns, we recommend testing a small amount of each product on the inside of your wrist.

Are DALUMA care products comedogenic?

All our products are developed according to non-comedogenic criteria.

Are your care products vegan?

Our Natural Care products are purely herbal. We do not use any animal ingredients and no animal testing is carried out.


How do the product subscriptions work?

In order to receive regular deliveries, you can subscribe to all products and save 10% on the product price. The corresponding amount will then be automatically debited to you in the cycle of your choice. After the first subscription cycle, you can adjust, pause or cancel the interval at any time.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time using the form below.

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